In 1949 his two fellow colleagues started the business. Mr Driessen and Serno worked at a rubber wholesaler in Amsterdam, where it was not so great. They decided together to move forward in Hilversum, and to start a wholesale business. With a very small start-up capital they started, and their enthusiasm and knowledge is the thing to grow steadily.
In the 50 Serno Jr. came in. There on, and later also Driessen yr, which we so were a real family business. Meanwhile, there is now the 3rd generation, the undersigned does already more than 20 years with fun Rubber BV.

Years of collaboration with, among others, Saint Gobain and Verneret Raumedic and several other suppliers ensure constant quality supply. Our range of rubber and plastics is very varied and suitable for many applications

We are proud that we can call ourselves supplier of all universities in the Netherlands and through various collaborations go our products worldwide.

Because of the small-scale structure, we are used to respond quickly and flexibly, and we are still real for our customers. We go with our time, but retain the old-fashioned service.
Our entire team consists of Mrs. Sigrid Wimmers (sales office) and Mr Arno Maagdenberg (field sales) and John Westgeest.