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Quality Description:

Hardness 55 ° Shore temperature resistance: -50 ° C to + 74 ° C Chemical resistant. Sterilization: steam 120 ° C 1 bar 30 minutes.
Medical non-toxic to algae. Lab. use, suitable for hose pumps; Also available in the following grades:
B 44-4X food, milk and foodstuffs hose
B 44-4X food, milk and foodstuffs hose
F-4040-A oil and fuel hose
3400 R UV resistant hose
SE 200 inert snake
Tygothane C.210A PUR hose
S 50 S 54 HL HL
Pharmed tubing


Uitw= External
rollengte=roll length
afname per rol=sold per roll